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About Me

Hello! My name is Sammy, I'm a freelance illustrator and independent comics creator. My work tends to delve into the world of fantasy and horror inspired by folklore and mythology. I have been listed in Broken Frontier’s ‘Six to Watch’ for 2022. I’m currently working on numerous comic projects including an experimental fantasy comic, Bloom, published monthly on Ko-fi. In between work and playing TTRPGs, I like to draw ghosts and drink excessive amounts of tea.

Speaking of ghosts, 

ALL GHOSTS, a slice of the afterlife art book successfully funded on Kickstarter!

All Ghosts is now available to purchase from my store!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates and to see my latest pieces of work.


You can find my work in various comic anthologies including a short noir in WinC Magazine and the DMsGuild including the feminist Uncaged Anthology. My self published comics; Scavengers and Scavengers, Curse of Ymir, Secret Rites and The Deeper You Go Into The Kings Wood along with various illustration work are all available on Ko-fi.

Commissions are open!

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