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Comic Cons - Trials and Tribulations

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I attended my first comic as an exhibitor in Nottingham October 2018. It was brilliant and I was both nervous and exhilarated to be there. When strangers came up to check out my work, said nice things and even bought my comic I had to try not to look too surprised. Those feelings have not changed even at the True Believers Comic Festival I attended yesterday.

Me and My table display at True Believers Comics Festival Feb 2020

Now it’s 2020, so much has happened and so many cons have been attended in this time. Some have been big misses and some have been so amazing and inspiring. I’m not just talking sales either, I also mean being a part of a great community, a friendly atmosphere and talking to lovely people, both fellow creators and punters. It’s just great but it’s also easy to forget those wonderful things and suddenly put yourself in a dark corner feeling like you don’t belong.

“it’s crazy but that's my anxiety. ”

I ended up having those feelings at the True Believers Comic Festival yesterday. It made me realise I need to try so much harder at these events but social anxiety gets real, suddenly I’ve managed to convince myself that I’m no good and I really don’t belong here. I know it’s crazy but that's my anxiety.

Never Giving Up!

Having said that, I will still want to go back to True Believers Comic Festival because despite my failures I’m always ready to throw myself back in and try again. True Believers is honestly one of the best small press comic conventions around, it has a friendly atmosphere where everyone cares about comics in one way or another.

I wasn’t always sitting in a dark corner as I get to attend these events with Asa and Kat who both create excellent comics. Spending time with them at these events is always fun and makes me feel a little safer. Although my anxiety got the better of me yesterday, I still had some great conversations with some fellow creators and punters. I have so much gratitude for those that came over and stopped by just to say hello and talk about my work. I love that and I love listening to other people talk about their work too, so why can’t I just talk comics, stories and illustration with more people? It’s mad!

I don’t normally talk about this sort of stuff in public but I feel I needed to in order to move on, so there you go, I hope it helps someone else who may have/had similar feelings. I still feel very new to all of this and whilst it‘s sometimes scary, seeing how far I’ve come gives me the motivation I need to carry on and not give up.

Hopefully I will get better at this part of attending conventions and potentially feel less emotionally exhausted.

Our shared table display at True Believers Comic Festival Feb 2018 - we’ve all come a long way since.

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