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Curse of Ymir, Comic Update!

Hello! I hope you’re doing well, staying safe and taking time for yourselves.

Finally I’ve found my rhythm! Kinda. It is a very odd thing and somewhat daunting getting into a sort of routine and flow right now. I hope you understand what I mean by that. The first couple of months of lock-down I felt so aimless, scared, useless (lots of emotions) but I’ve managed to keep one foot on the ground and get my head down to work on illustrations and comics. In fact it has started to become a place of sanctuary for me to sit at my desk and get to it. Getting myself to sit at my desk used to be a task in itself. I work a lot on my iPad which allows me to spend hours working on the sofa, not good for the lower back. I’m sure you don’t need little ol’ me to tell ya to sit (or stand) at your desk, because it makes a huge blooming difference.

I’ve been enjoying the simplicity of drawing for myself recently which is what’s really kept me sane as I’m taking time on my comics. Drawing little scenes with Druid and Wolf have been my favourite, just getting to explore these characters is so much fun. I’ve been heavily talking about Scavengers, Curse of Ymir the past week as I’ve been colouring pages and watching it develop. It’s almost there yet I keep thinking of things which leads to more work, the page count keeps going up and up.

Resting, digital illustration.

For those with no clue what I’m talking about. Scavengers is a fantasy comic book, illustrated in a dungeon crawl style, following Druid, the goblin and Wolf, the hmmm… Wolf. It’s inspired by Norse mythology as well as ttrpgs. Curse of Ymir continues their adventures, this time they wake up to a pink fog covering the entire land. Scavengers is penciled and inked traditionally then coloured digitally, which just gives me more freedom. It's a very experimental comic book, I really enjoy trying different things with my art and style. Curse of Ymir already differs quite a bit from the first Scavengers which is all monochrome. Curse of Ymir is very pink, though that is a story component. Enjoy the preview below which is pretty much the only piece with colour other than pink.

Panel preview of Scavengers, Curse of Ymir.

If you want to get to know Druid and Wolf a little better, you can get the first Scavengers comic over at my Etsy store; Use code MAY10 for 10% discount until the end of May. For those who like digital comics and/or are short for money it is also available for free;

My Etsy store is very small at the moment, I am going to make a big update in June with new exciting items plus pre-orders will go up for Scavengers, Curse of Ymir. Though I don’t have an exact date for the release yet, as I need to think about funding printing costs, it will be released in June 2020.

So that’s me and the comic biz for now. Take care and wash your damn hands.


I’m still working on Secret Rites, more on that one in the next blog post, promise.

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