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Druid & Wolf Return In...

It feels like I’m always poorly this time of year and this time round it took me completely out of illustrating. It's been a tough couple of weeks of battling with myself to rest and trying not to feel bad about falling behind a little.

Good news is I'm feeling better and I managed to sketch out a fair bit of work this past weekend. So much so that I wanted to share a couple of sneaky progress pieces of Scavengers, Curse of Ymir. A follow up of my first comic book, Scavengers.

If you're not familiar with Scavengers, it is a fantasy adventure set in a desolate wasteland known as ‘Ymir’ once ruled by giants. Druid and Wolf are two outcasts scavenging off the land. In the first issue each page was a single story/adventure but issue two is going to be one continuous story.

Curse of Ymir begins with Druid and Wolf waking up to find the island has been polluted by a thick toxic gas. It’s affecting everything living, so they try to figure out where it’s coming from.

These are works in progress but I’m really excited for this book, Druid and Wolf are my babies and I love drawing them. If this looks like your cup of tea, the first issue of Scavengers is available to buy at my Etsy store;

Other good news is that I confirmed my table for comic village at MCM London 29th-31st May this year. Curse of Ymir will be debuting there and then it will be up on my Etsy store on Monday 1st April.

I'll be at table CV4 next to artist and comic creator Kat Willott aka @anidoodle. I'm super excited to share my new book there and a couple of new illustration pieces as well.

With that, I better get back to it. I'll be sharing more progress on Scavengers and there will be more on Secret Rites to come soon as well.

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