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Sammy Ward Draws Vol I

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

My First Art Book Has Arrived!

Last year I worked on collaborations pieces whilst having a full time job so this meant I had to put some of my personal comic projects on hold. I realised over the past couple of years I had also done a good amount of freelance and contribution work that I wanted to be able to show off in one place along with some of my favourite illustrations from the past few years.

A 16 page art book of my favourite pieces from 2017-2019.

“Includes a sneak peak of my upcoming comic book, Secret Rites”

Sammy Ward Draws Vol. I includes unpublished illustrations as well as work I have contributed to zines and anthologies. This includes, Frisson Comics, Knock Knock: Occult Classics and the feminist Dungeons and Dragons anthology, Uncagaed Vol. 1 and 3. There is also a number of personal pieces I drew for fun and it includes a sneak peak of my upcoming comic book, Secret Rites.

Sammy Ward Draws Vol. II???

I had a lot of fun putting this book together and curating my favourite pieces so it can be enjoyed in one place. I will most likely be doing another one within the next couple of years.

I will be launching Sammy Ward Draws Vol.I this Saturday 1st February at Ok True Believers Con; after that it will be up on my Etsy store;

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