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Secret Rites Update!

I feel I’ve been fairly quiet for the past couple of weeks, one of the main reasons for that is I’ve been working on my comic book projects. Mostly I have been making progress with Secret Rites, a Greek mythological tragedy exploring a mysterious cult ritual.

I wanted to share a couple of panels still in progress but no spoilers of course, I’m keeping this one very hush hush for the moment and will gradually share more when the time comes.

Secret Rites was originally going to be officially announced tomorrow with a Kickstarter to help raise funds for printing. I decided against it due to Covid-19 putting almost everything to a halt. It has set me back personally in many ways, I’m still finding it difficult on the daily to process everything that is going on, so I’ve had some big setbacks in getting this project done.

I am happy to say that I’m now getting into a routine somewhat and my productivity is back on track so I will have Secret Rites completed by the end of Summer. I still intend to launch a Kickstarter which I hope to take place during August 2020.

I will do my damndest to keep sharing progress work and more illustrations.

In the meantime if you ever want to check out my work and support me, you can find my comic book, Scavengers available digitally as pay what you want; and those that may want to treat themselves to a printed copy can find this at my Etsy store along with prints and merch; please note delivery may be a little slower at the moment but I am offering a free mystery gift with all physical orders.

May the 4th be with you!

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