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Hello there, I do hope you’re happy and healthy. 

I’m struggling to comprehend time at the moment. Is it really July? Already? WTF!? 

That means, holy crap potatoes, my Kickstarter campaign launches in a month. 

Tuesday 4th August to be exact. *Screams internally and externally because eeek it’s exciting but scary stuff. This is my first Kistarter campaign, maybe my last, who knows. This campaign is to help fund the costs for my Secret Rites comic book. Secret Rites is a Greek tragedy based on a mysterious cult ritual that celebrates Demeter and her daughter Persephone.   

I’m currently working on the line art for Secret Rites at the moment. I also just decided to add an additional page which I felt was needed and so had to re-jig pages and make sure I still had space for pin-up art from some brilliant artists who are working on their own takes on the characters from my story. I will be sharing more closer to the launch date, Tuesday 4th August, I may have already mentioned that but I’m just making sure you don’t forget it! 

I broke a lot of rules with this book but I had a lot of fun doing that

A couple of weeks ago I levelled up my Etsy shop, with the launch of my latest comic book, Scavengers, Curse of Ymir as well as some spooky cute postcards and stickers. I’m really proud of how ‘Curse of Ymir’ turned out. It’s a step up from my first issue of Scavengers, which though it still has its charm, it was a huge learning curve in making a comic book from panel layout to basic visual storytelling. Scavengers has no dialogue, so the challenge was to really up my illustration game to tell the story. It breaks some of the general comic book conventions, it’s not a traditional sized comic and doesn’t have  regular panel layouts. So yeah I broke a lot of rules with this book but I had a lot of fun doing that. Both my Scavengers comics are available to buy from my Etsy; - I’m celebrating the shop update by giving a free mystery gift with every purchase until the end of July, so make the most of it! I hope to add new fun items in the next couple of months but my main focus is Secret Rites and Asa Wheatley’s Shield Maiden

It’s going to get pretty full-on over the next couple of months but I will try to keep everyone updated. 

What’s on the telly?

I’ve been watching some good shows recently. I’m caught up with Insecure, a comedy on the complexities of relationships and life in LA. Issa Rae’s role is brilliantly flawed but funny and loveable. Feel Good, on Channel 4/Netflix is another brilliant show revolving around complex relationships but brings issues of drug abuse. Actress/comedian Mae Martin who plays herself is both funny and tragic. These shows are both written by the leading actress and are just great portrayals of the female psyche. Asa and I are also watching The Sopranos which I’ve been enjoying but gosh it is brutal and everyone is truly awful, so something entirely different there.

Headphone buzz!

During work I‘ve been listening to music and letting Spotify curate playlists but I’m enjoying Akwafina, pinkcaravan! and Raleigh Ritchie’s new album, Andy most of all.

Things are getting back to normal right?

Nope! I do not trust the government's new release of restrictions. You can now be one metre apart instead of two? What the hell? The pandemic is not over. It’s nice that people are getting to see loved ones with the knowledge of having been tested etc and whilst I respect businesses starting up again (at least those practising safety first) I do not think the best thing is to go out and act as if everything is back to normal. Please wear your face masks when you're out in populated areas and keep a hand sanitiser in your pocket. I’m missing my family and friends so much but the fear of another spike is real. It’s going to hurt businesses even more if we end up back in quarantine but I guess we will see, I hope I’m wrong. 

Stay safe! 💜

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